Jenna Dewan Banned Channing Tatum From Partying with Jamie Foxx?

“The only thing new dad Channing Tatum is going to stay up late for is diaper duty — because wife Jenna-Dewan-Tatum has issued a strict warning to her hubby not to party with Jamie Foxx!” declares Star.
According to the tabloid, Tatum “recently let it slip to Jenna” that his White House Down co-star Foxx is a “hard partier.” Yes, because that was such a
“Jenna freaked out,” a so-called “pal” tells Star. “She knows that Jamie is a ladies’ man. She reminded Channing that he’s a married father with no business hanging out with drunk women.”
Um, we’re pretty sure he knew that already.
The Star source continues, “He and Jamie built a tight friendship while filming and he wants to keep that. He just thinks Jenna’s hormones are running a little wild after giving birth.”
Tatum and Foxx will probably be spending a little less time together in the coming weeks because they’re no longer promoting their movie.
Dewan-Tatum never issued any kind of ultimatum or warning, there was never any concern about Tatum’s potential behavior, and all three stars remain on good terms.
A source close to the situation tells Fine Joe Young the Star story is “absurd.”

Twitter: @FineJoeYoung

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