Tom Cruise “Totally Smitten” With Model Jessica White

Tom Cruise is now “flirting up a storm” with Sports
Illustrated model Jessica White, claims Star.
Having noted the beauty was spotted at a Scientology center in New York in June, and then
Instagrammed the next day that Eyes Wide Shut, starring “my favorite guy Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman is an artistic masterpiece,” the tabloid says the actor later “offered to be Jessica’s
private Scientology tutor.”
According to the magazine, “When they first met up, there were immediate fireworks.”
Star then quotes a so-called “source” as saying Cruise is “pulling out all the stops to sweep Jessica off her feet. He’s pouring on the charm and offering to introduce Jessica to producers and help her get an acting career off the ground.”
“He’s totally smitten!” explains the tab’s suspect “source,” who adds in equally unnatural language, “[Cruise’s] purposefully remained single for a while because he wanted to wait for the perfect girl… He believes Jessica could be that woman.”

Twitter: @FineJoeYoung

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