Lady Gaga Fans ‘Little Monsters’ Go Wild Over The Mother Monster’s VMA Return

On Thursday (July 25), Lady Gaga announced
she’d be returning to the stage at the 2013 MTV
Video Music Awards And though the big show
doesn’t go live until August 25, well, let’s just say
her Little Monsters are counting down the seconds
until she’s back.Yes, as you’d expect, Gaga’s fans
were quite excited by her return, filling Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and just about every other avenue of social traffic with their usual blend of hyperventilation and exclamation. Shoot, as soon as MTV’s Instagram broke the news of her return, they kicked things into overdrive.
“Oh my f—ing God, Gaga will return to save pop
music!” Arthur Henrique wrote on MTV’s
Facebook page. “The VMAs this year are gonna
rock because of Gaga. I love her so much!””This
is probably the most anticipated performance at
the VMAs,” Christopher Reyes added. “I know
I’m watching it!”
The Queen is back to slay!

Twitter: @FineJoeYoung

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