One Direction Covers Teen Vogue: “We’re Not Really That Diva”

One Direction gives fans a slice of life on the road in the September issue of Teen Vogue.
Interviewed while on tour in Florida, the group tries to enjoy some rare off-time, sometimes made difficult by the legions of girls trying to steal a glimpse of the boy banders at their luxury hotel.
A sunburned Niall Horan says, “I’m not going to be a prisoner in my room — and the fans weren’t intrusive. I don’t see how you could get used to people screaming in your face, and anyone who says different is lying.”
Zayn Malik opts to stay inside, explaining to the mag that while he’s “humbled that so many fans have bothered,” “it was a bit too busy for me [today].” “I like to chill somewhere quiet,” he explains. “I get pleasure from the little things in life.”
After all, when you’re on tour with four close friends and roughly 50 crew members, there’s always someone around.
“It could definitely be a lonely job,” says Louis
Tomlinson. ”I wouldn’t be able to do this if I were on my own.”
In fact, the guys make clear that it’s the people they’re with — and not the perks they get — that makes the job worthwhile.
Unlike many performers, One Direction’s members don’t have a rider full of backstage demands.
“We never actually sat there and made one. They bring us the stuff they think we like,” says Liam Payne, adding,
“We’re not really that diva.”
The full interview hits newsstands on August 6.

Twitter: @FineJoeYoung

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