Flo Rida is the Best-Selling Rapper Of The Digital Age

Argue all you want about Flo Rida’s skills as an MC compared to such lyrical masters as Nas, Jay-Z and
Eminem. But there is one thing you cannot take away from the Carol City, Florida rapper born Tramar Dillard.
He moves units.Lots and lots of them. Including his latest ear candy hit, “Whistle,” which currently sits atop
the iTunes and Billboard Hot 10 singles charts, with global digital sales north of 4 million.


Since his first #1, 2007’s debut smash “Low,” through the #1 “Right Round” (which broke the “Low” record formost digital sales in one week with 636,000) and the Wild Ones hit “Good Feeling” (#3) and his latest chart-topper, Flo has achieved the kind of chart domination
that most rappers can only dream of. In addition to his top 10 hits on the Hot 100, which also include “Sugar”
and “Wild Ones” (#5) and “Club Can’t Handle Me” and “In The Ayer” (#9), Rida has appeared on huge songs by other artists, including David Guetta’s “Where Them Girls At” and Jennifer Lopez’s “Goin’ In.” But is he the best-selling rapper of the download era?”It depends on what you call hip-hop,” said Keith Caulfield, associate director of charts at Billboard magazine. “A lot of people consider artists like Flo Rida to be crossing genres. He’s a rapper, but at the same time he’s been more embraced by pop audiences and had way more radio airplay on top 40 stations.


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