Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Kanye West Rant: “Finally, I’m In A Rap Feud!”



Jimmy Kimmel kicked off Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” just hours after a major fight with Kanye West erupted online, and the talk show host revealed the drama actually began earlier that
night with “a very angry phone call” from the rapper.
As I previously reported, West’s anger apparently stemmed from a video Kimmel had aired this week, spoofing a recent interview he did with BBC Radio 1.
The Grammy winner was pissed off enough to call Kimmel in his office, but the conversation didn’t go as planned and West took to Twitter to blast the comedian as a “manipulative media mother**ker.”
But that didn’t stop Kimmel from using his show to mock West again , going on to read off all his tweets and joke about each one.
Referring to the phone call, Kimmel revealed, “He told me I had two choices – #1 Apologize publicly.”
“And that was really the only choice,” said the host.
Kimmel went on to reference West’s sex tape past, and said the rap star was actually “very nice” at a wedding they attended together.
“I don’t know why he’s angry,” said the TV personality. “The bit was pretty innocuous.”
Nevertheless, Kimmel later exclaimed, “ Finally , I’m in a rap feud… I always wanted to be in a rap feud.”
“Right now we’re at DefKanye Five,” he quipped.

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