Jason Derülo: Mom’s a hip-hop dancer


Jason Derülo spent his birthday watching his mom dance to 2 Chainz.
The singer celebrated his 24th birthday earlier this month and decided to take a trip to Las Vegas with his friends and family.
It seems the star’s mother had a particularly good time partying in Sin City.
“I’m not supposed to tell you…” he joked when asked by Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O what happened in Vegas.
“We had an amazing time! The Wanted performed, I flew my whole family out; there were about 30 people. It was very weird… when your mom’s dancing to 2 Chainz you’re like, ‘I need to reassess my life right now…’ [laughs]”
Jason released his latest album, Tattoos, on September 20.
His girlfriend Jordin Sparks, 23, features on the new record. “She’s on a track called Vertigo; it’s just us and the piano. We’re kind of naked on the track, no bells no whistles, just us,” he explained.
Jason has often said Jordin helped him recover when he suffered a broken neck while rehearsing for his Future History Tour last year.
While he’s clearly smitten, he remained coy about any wedding plans.
“Um, you know, at some point…” he grinned.
The star is currently planning his next tour, after he had to cancel all his Future History dates due to his injury.
He’s planning to perform a mix of old and new songs to make up for lost time; and to make peace with disappointed fans.
“I am doing my old favourites ’cause I had to cancel my last tour,” he said.
“I had to make up for angry fans! I got some hate mail.”

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