Rihanna Takes a Dip in the Dead Sea, Covers Her Body in Salt


We can’t blame Rihanna for wanting to take a little break.
After all, the gal’s been traveling non stop while on her Diamonds world tour.
Sure enough, she did just that on Tuesday, Oct. 22, by taking a dip in the Dead Sea prior to her show in Tel Aviv, Israel.
In one Instagram photo that the “What Now” singer shared, we see her relaxing in the water with her feet in the air and her head resting comfortably on her hands.


In another pic, the Barbadian beauty can be seen stepping out, her back covered in the sea’s salt.
Later that evening, Rihanna took to Twitter following her concert to express her appreciation.
“#TelAviv THANK YOU for making tonight so big for me!” she wrote.
“We sold out, and became biggest female show in histoRIH to play in your home!!”
Up next? Off to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for a performance on Saturday.

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