Kendall and Kylie Jenner Fire Back at “Slimy” Rumors: Quit Making Stuff Up


Kendall Jenner just SLAMMED media reports — encapsulated in a sensational new Star cover story — claiming that she and sister Kylie are out of control with partying.
According to the magazine, the Jenner girls “are spiraling into trainwreck territory,” having been allegedly “destroyed by their parents’ split” and corrupted by their high-profile family’s behavior.
“Kendall and Kylie were good, innocent girls, but all the negativity and fame surrounding their family has sent them over the edge,” explains a so-called Star “insider,” adding, “No one is there to supervise them, and everyone is there to make them happy. It’s a recipe for disaster.”
The tabloid goes on to report that Scott Disick “poured vodka down their throats” during a recent night out, and that the teenagers were purportedly “grinding up against a topless dancer.”
Star says the girls have been on a “misbehaving rampage.”
On Wednesday, the Jenners struck back. See the tweets HERE.


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