Tom Hanks Named “Most Likeable Man in Hollywood” Over Will Smith


Tom Hanks is the most likeable man in Hollywood, according to an iHeartRadio survey.
The beloved actor, last seen being awesome with an autistic superfan, received 28.3 percent of the vote to beat Will Smith (17.2%) and Denzel Washington (13.9%).
In fourth place was George Clooney (11.8%), followed by Brad Pitt (11.2%) and Ryan Gosling (7.4%).
Last month, Ellen DeGeneres was named the most likeable woman in Hollywood.
The October survey also asked respondents to name the best Halloween costume for this year — and the cast of “Duck Dynasty” ran away with the vote at 48.6 percent.
Walter White of “Breaking Bad” came in second place with 21 percent, followed by Miley Cyrus (12.9%), Robin Thicke (6.9%), baby Prince George (6.4%), and Kim Kardashian (4.2%).


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