Taylor Swift NOT Dating Alexander Skarsgard, Despite Reports


Taylor Swift is NOT dating Alexander Skarsgard , despite a made-up rumor spread by Perez Hilton ( see above ) and other ill-informed bloggers.
The alleged romance is said to have sparked as the stars began work on the movie The Giver in South Africa.
“Holy hot hellz!” writes Perez. “We soooo did not see this one coming, no matter how common it is for romances to start up on set.”
He cites a so-called “insider” who claims, “Before they left for Cape Town they had a couple of dinners in LA. He’s much older than the guys Taylor has dated in the past year but maybe that’s where she’s going wrong.”
The blogger observes, “Let us just say, there is NO going wrong with Alexander!”
Maybe not, but Perez is completely wrong with this speculation.
The rumor is 100 percent false .
A source close to Swift tells me the Skarsgard story is “completely fabricated.”
Moreover, Swift and Skarsgard NEVER met up for dinners before arriving in South Africa.


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