Justin Bieber has made a call for world change


The 19-year-old Baby hitmaker posted a video of himself cheering with a group of children in Guatemala on his Instagram account Monday.
Justin made the trip with education non-profit Pencils for Promise.
He pointed out one of the little boys in the video wearing his sunglasses while lifting his hands high in the air, and called on his fans to follow in his footsteps by doing their part to effect change.
“I gave my little friend Ricardo my sunglasses he was showing his friends what the sun looked like with them on … Let’s all help change the world,” Justin wrote.
Pencils of Promise, which focuses on building schools and bolstering educational opportunities in the developing world, was founded by Adam Braun, the brother of Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, in 2008.
The star recently released a video in which he shared the transformational experience he underwent while in the country.
“I just had one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life in Guatemala. I went with Pencils of Promise to work with the people to build a school for their community. This was one of the schools the Believe Tour helped build and to see the people who had nothing but were so happy. It was amazing,” he said.
“I feel like they helped me as much as I helped them,” Justin continued in part. “You can make a huge difference in this world if you just give to others. It is a feeling like no other.”


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