Celine Dion vs. Kelly Rowland in Anthony Vaccarello


Oh no she didn’t! We figure that’s something a true diva like Céline Dion or Kelly Rowland would say upon finding that her competitor stole her couture.
Yes, these are two different versions of the same Anthony Vaccarello design, but in the land of the A-list singer, they’re way too close for comfort. We’re not surprised that the “Loved Me Back To Life” singer and X Factor judge both picked this hot black look, but now they’re paying for their perfect taste with a battle of who wore it best?
Right off the bat I’m in love with Celine’s LBD version of the look.
The position of the metallic circles adds the perfect touch but keeps the shape in tact. But outside of that detail, the look gets a little boring. Yes, there’s that one-sleeve action, but the former queen of Vegas could use an accessory or two.
Kelly shows us how it’s done with a dramatic up-do and statement necklace. That said, the long length against the metallic embellishment hugs her thighs in all the wrong places.
So it comes down to proper accessories versus perfect fit. Sadly, we say fit every time, making Celine the singing victor. What’s your say?
Who wears her daring black dress best?
Celine Dion or Kelly Rowland?

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