Jonas Brothers Reveal Why They Split and Their Futures on GMA


The Jonas Brothers discussed their decision to break up on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday.
As i previously reported, the band announced on Tuesday that they were splitting “for now” after a “unanimous decision.”
Now they’re explaining why.
Kevin told “GMA” anchor Robin Roberts, “it was time,” to which Nick stressed, “We’re family first.”
Nick added splitting up was a “tough conversation,” but they all decided they were “best suited to do our own individual things.”
Joe said they all felt their music was getting “stale” and wanted to pursue “personal opportunities.”
For Kevin, he’s going to focus on the “business side” of the entertainment industry, while Nick wants to work on music for himself and other artists as well as do more theater.
Joe also noted he’s going to work on his own music and do more acting.
So, what will happen to the album they were working own?
Kevin said it will never be released, but they will still put out four songs they had already recorded.
As for whether the breakup is forever, Nick said there’s always a chance they’d reunite.


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