Kim Kardashian Did NOT Get New “Booty Injections,” Despite MediaTakeOut Report


Kim Kardashian is once again the subject of a ridiculous MediaTakeOut rumor.
The webloid, which has spread rumors that the reality star’s baby North West is fake and once confused Kardashian with a random naked porn star, now claims that she’s gone “OVERBOARD” with “BOOTY INJECTIONS.”
“Kim Took One Too Many… Booty Shots!!!” screams MediaTakeOut, which has been so frequently wrong about Kardashian , Kanye West called them out as “full of sh*t.”
As evidence of Kardashian’s supposed “procedure,” the blog posts pictures of the star in tight black pants, looking the exact same as always.
“Up until now, Kim’s booty injection regiment (sic) has made her look BETTER. But we may have just reached a TIPPING POINT,” declares the outlet.
Maybe it was one of the countless times the site posted a false report and Kardashian and West splitting.
Or perhaps it was when the outlet made up a story about Kardashian getting breast implants .
Of course, this isn’t even the first time the blog has made the bogus allegation about Kardashian getting butt work done .
Maybe MediaTakeOut should worry less about “fake cakes” and more about correcting fake rumors.
A source close to the situation tells me the new report is “totally wrong.”

3 responses to “Kim Kardashian Did NOT Get New “Booty Injections,” Despite MediaTakeOut Report

  1. Kim Empress of Butt Injections Kardashian

    Yes she did. Fat transfers that don’t appear in X-rays (go figure . Damon Thomas her first husband confirmed it. Krish Humphries talked about it. Her agent confirmed it. Her best friends and some family confirmed it. Her surgeon confirmed it. What more do you want. Not to leave out obvious butt injection photos showing her going from pancake flat to a black woman’s bubble butt. She’s like the Empress of Fat Transfers to the Butt with No Clothes, Ms Kim Kardashasian. We’re not deaf dumb and blind as a public. She can go on claiming natural status til she’s blue in the face. Fact is she has more surgery than Michael Jackson or Cher. Just be real. Get on with it. Get over it.


  2. Oh yea, FYI – Damon Thomas her first husband paid for her initial plastic surgeries and first bootay injections, fat transfers, (brazilian butt uplift). From that point forward she made the sextuple and became addicted to having fat transfers. Surgeons say she had atleast two since the birth of her child. So you know she’s had more than two adding that from approximately 2006 forward.

    It’s all pretty trivial, but why not just be honest and own it. Its the era of surgery, and she’s definitely a plastic surgery addict. She’s become a joke and a circus freak. People aren’t admiring, they’re amazed, baffled, and bewildered by a woman who can laugh to the bank but is so desperate for attention she and her family of Kardashian’s will morph herself and themselves into whatever will give her/them that audience. She called it an Armenian Trend, when armenian and arabic woman by nature have flat wide butts that just get wider with weight gain not rounder like a woman of african diaspora. If thin blondes with big noses were in, Kim K would have her injected fat lipoed out and claim it was from a diet; , dye her hair blonde and claim that was her original color: and get a new nose job and claim she bumped into a door. She’d do all of this inorder to fit that trend – attract the attention she craves (It’s called insecurity. NOT confidence). Purrrrrty obvious. ;-). But believe what you want. Ta Ta – ( sips tea 😉


  3. I agree with the above statement. I find that if Kim’s popularity is dwindling she come’s out with something crazy to get things going again. She is so self centered. With the weight she gains during pregnancy she needs to have fat transferred. Not hating..just say’in


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