Evander Holyfield: Being Gay Is A ‘Choice,’ Can Be ‘Fixed’ Like Other ‘Handicaps’


Evander Holyfield is under fire for comments he made about homosexuality on “Celebrity Big Brother UK.”
On Saturday’s episode, the former heavyweight champ was asked if there are gay athletes in boxing, and Holyfield went on to express his belief that homosexuality is wrong.
“That ain’t normal,” he told housemate Luisa Zissman, citing the bible as evidence.
Though Zissman warned him that this “wasn’t an appropriate conversation to have in this house,”
Holyfield wouldn’t back down.
He went on to compare gays to “handicapped people,” and said they can be “fixed,” just like “if you’re born and your leg would turn thisnway, what do you do, you go to the doctor and get it fixed that way.”
Zissman told Holyfield that homosexuality is not something someone chooses, but he disagreed.
“Yes, it is a choice,” he insisted.
Though he wasn’t formally reprimanded for his comments, Holyfield was warned that his remarks were “extremely offensive” and won’t be “tolerated” in the future.

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