Kanye West Allegedly Attacks Man Who Called Kim Kardashian “N**ger Lover” [UPDATE with DETAILS]


Kanye West allegedly attacked a man who supposedly called Kim Kardashian a “n**ger lover” on Monday.
Here is what I’ve learned from a source close to the situation.
Kardashian was arriving at an office building for a design appointment when she was swarmed bynpaparazzi.
An unnamed man, whom our source characterizes as a “crazy, misogynist, homophob[ic] racist,” began screaming at the photographers as Kardashian walked toward the building.
While holding open the door for the reality star, the man, referring to the photographers, allegedly said, “F*ck these f**got-a** n**gers.”
When Kardashian told him the N-word was inappropriate to use, the man followed her into the building and verbally assaulted her.
According to the source, the man told Kardashian, “Shut up, n**ger lover, stupid slut, f*ck you, b*tch.” “He was in her face, calling her all these names,” we’re told, and Kardashian was described as “shaken and upset” by the interaction.
West, meanwhile, was already in the office for an appointment and looking for Kardashian, who was running late.
When the rapper called Kardashian’s phone, our source says she was “crying and upset,” “distraught” over the incident with the verbal assailant.
What allegedly happened next has not been confirmed.
TMZ reports that West, realizing what had happened with Kardashian, followed the man into a doctor’s waiting room and punched him.
The outlet says that cops were called to the scene, and that the man intends to press charges.
I asked for confirmation of a physical assault — but that has not yet been verified.
We have also reached out to West’s camp for comment.
The Kardashian source tells us that the racist instigator is “trying to be famous, and get his 15 minutes.”
I will have updates.


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