Brad Pitt Shaved New Haircut: “It’s Not a Choice!”


Brad Pitt is arguably looking sexier than ever these days thanks to a sexy new hipster haircut — shaved on the sides, and sleek up top — but Angelina Jolie’s fiance didn’t lop off his previously shoulder-length hair for personal vanity. “It’s for a part,” Pitt, 49, told E! News at the Producers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills, where the new ‘do looked pretty much perfect with his tuxedo. “It’s not a choice!” Indeed, the military-inspired look is for his WWII role opposite Shia LaBeouf and others in Fury, which has been shooting in the UK.
Sunday’s PGAs was the second awards show in a row for Pitt, who was also on hand at Saturday’s Screen Actors Guild Awards in support of his film 12 Years a Slave, which he helped produced and in which he has a smaller acting role. The intense historical epic went on to split the Best Picture PGA prize with Gravity.
As he’s previously revealed, Pitt told Us Weekly on the red carpet that he’d let his six children with Jolie, 38, watch the film, about Solomon Northup, a born-free black man who was sold into slavery in the 1840s. “Yes, it’s a heavy subject matter but there’s a universal story of a man just trying to keep his will, maintain his dignity and bring it home to his family,” Pitt told Us. “To me that’s beautifully inspirational amidst the historical aspect of it all. It’s beautifully told.”

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