Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Order Jaden to Stay Away From Kylie Jenner?


National Enquirer , which recently said the Smiths were getting divorced and is generally out of its depth when it comes to reporting on them and their children.
According to the tabloid, the Smith parents fear Kris Jenner is “using [Jaden] to grab more time in the spotlight.”
“The more Will and Jada know about the Kardashians, the more they suspect Jaden’s just being used for his family fame,” explains a supposed source. “Kris gloms onto him as if he’s her own son, and he’s listening to her advice more than his own parents.”
What’s especially hilarious here, by the way, is that last year the Enquirer said it was Jenner who was “terrified” about her daughter being “sucked into” Scientology by associating with the Smiths.
In any case, the Enquirer source now claims the Smiths have “told Jaden they’re not going to stand for it any longer.”
“They’ve tried to talk sense into Jaden, but for the first time in his life, he’s openly defying his parents,” says the tabloid insider.
So, is there actually a Smith family crisis brewing over Jenner?
A source close to the situation tells me the story is not true.


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