Anne Hathaway Explains Low Profile Post- Oscars: “People Needed a Break From Me”


Anne Hathaway can take a hint. The star, 31, has kept a relatively low profile since winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Les Miserables in February 2013. With the exception of a brief cameo in Joseph Gordon-Levitt ‘s Don Jon , she didn’t appear in any movies last year and was a rare presence on the red carpet. But as she revealed in a new interview with the Huffington Post at Sundance, where she’s promoting her film Song One , the break was as much for the public as it was for her.
“My impression is that people needed a break from me,”
she quipped, reportedly with a laugh. (Hathaway faced backlash last year after her dress drama with Amanda Seyfried at the Oscars; she was also criticized for her many acceptance speeches.)
Not that the time off was bad. With less on her plate, the Dark Knight Rises actress got a chance to spend some quality time with husband Adam Shulman , whom she married in September 2012. Earlier this month, the pair enjoyed a romantic getaway in Hawaii.
Now, though, she’s back to work. In Song One , she plays an anthropologist who returns home to New York City after her brother is injured in a car accident. She also has a role in Christopher Nolan’s new movie Interstellar.
“I think there’s a common misconception about actors — that we have a lot more control than we do about when things happen,” she told HuffPost of her busy-again schedule. “We met on this [movie] in 2011 — I was working on Batman — and then we developed this script and the music for two years, and we shot it in June. We had been planning on shooting in the fall and then Chris Nolan called with an offer for a part in his new movie…”
“So, we would either have to wait and push until after that — which nobody wanted to do — or move it up and have a truncated pre-production, which is what wound up happening,” she explained. And it actually turned out to be pretty good timing. “I am not complaining about how it’s working out,” she added.

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