Kristen Stewart: I Can’t Worry About People Whose Impression Of Me Is “Based On F*cking Bullsh*t”


Kristen Stewart talks about the evolution of her appearance, beauty, and what people think of her in a new interview with Into The Gloss.
“If you looked at pictures of me when I was 14 or 15, you couldn’t tell the difference between me and my brothers,” the actress tells the outlet. “I looked like a boy, fully.”
She says, “I really like extremes. I wear jeans and t-shirts and am a total tomboy, but at the same time, when I pull out all the stops [for an event], I want to f*cking go for it, polarized in the other direction from my reality.”
Stewart says, “If I wasn’t an actor, I would definitely do things to my hair. I would cut it more, I would dye it more. At some point I want to do a total boy cut, completely — not a pretty, girly version — like a straight up James Dean haircut.”
“And then, I’m definitely going to shave my head before I die,” adds the star. “I will definitely tattoo my head while it’s shaved before my hair grows back.”
What kind of head tattoo does she have in store?
“I’m not sure which part, probably the bottom quadrant in the back,”
Stewart tells Into The Gloss . “I don’t know what the tattoo would be, yet. Still thinking.”
When it comes to being photographed for fashion, she says, “I try not to force anything.”
“For a shoot, if you can find one or two things that make you genuinely smile, it helps, rather than trying to think about taking beautiful photos,” explains Stewart. “Because, in the moment, you’re literally so surrounded, you can’t think about every angle.”
She reveals, “I just try to breathe through it. It’s not my favorite thing, but I’ve gotten better than when I was younger. If you feel comfortable, you’ll look comfortable.”
As a celebrity, Stewart understands that people will always form an opinion about her, and she has perspective on the issue.
The actress says, “As long as I feel solid about my creative choices, people can have whatever image or perception of me that they’d like. You can’t think that someone’s impression of you is wrong — it’s their impression — and, therefore, you really can’t worry about
She continues, “So many people have developed their impressions based on f*cking bullsh*t, and you’ll never do anything true to yourself, you’ll never make the art you want to make, if you’re concerned about that.”


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