LL Cool J Talks Hosting the 2014 Grammys, Defends Justin Bieber: “Cut the Guy Some Slack!”


No one is more prepared for the 2014 Grammy Awards than host LL Cool J . The rapper-turned-actor was also the host of last year’s show, and he spoke with Us Weekly about preparing for the Jan. 26 ceremony at the LL Cool J and Hennessy-hosted pre-Grammy dinner on Jan. 25 at The Bazaar at SLS Hotel in West Hollywood.
“Just being a part of it is great,” he told Us. “I mean, winning is always going to be the best. I mean, nothing tops winning! But it’s always fun being involved and it’s fun hosting. This is a good time.”
The 46-year-old host also spoke about troubled teen Justin Bieber , who was recently arrested for drag racing while under the influence in Miami.
“At the end of the day, I mean, he’s 19 years old,” LL Cool J said in defense of the “Boyfriend” singer. “So, you gotta cut the guy some slack you know, he’s not like a 35-year-old with penny loafers and khaki’s on and you know, dropping his kids off at school and drag racing in a Lambo — that would be a little different! But I think we just gotta remember what we were doing at 19.”
The NCIS star believes that with the proper support, Bieber will be able to get back on track.
“Just be merciful, and hopefully he’ll learn from his mistakes,” he continued. “I am not one to really pounce on people. I’m all for justice, don’t get me wrong, but I am not one to pounce on people.”

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