Ashley Benson Covers March 2014 Issue of Cosmopolitan


Ashley Benson, star of Pretty Little Liars, covers the March 2014 issue of Cosmopolitan . In the interview, Ashley talks about similarities between her and her Pretty Little Liars character Hanna. Ashley also talks about steering clear of drugs and her on-and-off-again boyfriend Ryan Good.
On How She’s Similar to Hanna : “The only way I’m similar to her is that she’s sarcastic and she’s always having fun – that’s me too. Once, I stuck gum on Keegan Allen’s coat collar, so when he leaned back, it got caught in his hair.”
On Avoid Drugs in Hollywood : “There are drugs and alcohol in my family on both sides, so I’ve seen lives ruined, going to jail and all that. Once you start with any drug, it can be an addiction – that’s why I never want to start and am not even tempted, because that chain is relentless. And if it runs in your family, you see how unglamorous it is. I would never want to be out of control with my body.”
On Ryan Good : “Ryan is one of the strongest people I’ve met, so grounded and such a positive influence on people. We took a break because it was so hard. I work 20 hour days, so I’m always gone. So a lot of your relationship is on the phone and iChatting and trying to catch up.”
The issue hits newsstands on February 4th.


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