Drake Sets Record Straight on Rihanna and Kanye West, Slams Macklemore and Grammys in Rolling Stone


Drake opens up about Rihanna and Kanye West and slams Macklemore in a new Rolling Stone story that’s already sparked controversy after the rapper said he was “disgusted” it was removed from the cover in favor of Philip Seymour Hoffman .
The performer says he’s OK with the fun people have with his image as a vulnerable alternative to the tough hip-hop old guard.
“There’s these GIFs about me, these stupid stereotypes people have of me as this overly emotional character that cries in his room every night,” he tells the magazine. “There are jokes because of Degrassi , because I’m Canadian, because I make music for women. There are memes of guys crying to my music. I love it. I heart those photos when I see them on Instagram.”
Drake recently skipped the Grammys in order to party with Rihanna — leading to renewed speculation about their relationship.
He sets the record straight in Rolling Stone , explaining that while they were romantic in the past, they’re now just friends.
“She’s the ultimate fantasy,” he says. “I mean, I think about it. Like, ‘Man, that would be good.’ We have fun together, she’s cool and sh*t. But we’re just friends. That’s my dog for life.”
Does he have a girlfriend right now?
Drake reveals, “I’m not after p*ssy like I was three years ago, when I was trying to make up for all the years when no girl would talk to me. But I haven’t met somebody that makes everybody else not matter.”
The hip-hop star says he’s not completely happy with the Grammys, even though he won for Best Rap Album last year.
“It becomes more apparent how irrelevant our genre is to them,” he explains. “They were trying to utilize me to sell the show, requesting me to come and perform ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’… but they didn’t nominate it for anything! They’re calling me, e-mailing me every day to do some elaborate performance and bring them viewers, but I didn’t get a nomination for Album of the Year. I didn’t get a nomination for Song of the Year.”
Speaking of the Grammys, Drake did not think much of Macklemore’s decision to apologize for robbing Kendrick Lamar of an award via text message.
“That sh*t was wack as f*ck,” he tells Rolling Stone . “I was like, ‘You won. Why are you posting your text messages? Just chill. Take your W, and if you feel you didn’t deserve it, go get better – make better music.’ It felt cheap. It didn’t feel genuine. Why do that? Why feel guilt?”
Drake continues, “You think those guys would pay homage to you if they won? This is how the world works: He made a brand of music that appealed to more people than me, Hov, Kanye and Kendrick.
Whether people wanna say it’s racial, or whether it’s just the fact that he tapped into something we can’t tap into. That’s just how the cards fall. Own your sh*t.”
He also opens up about the perceived tension between him and West and Jay Z , fed by some provocative lyrics in his music.
“Kanye and me are friends; we’re plotting on getting some work done together,” says Drake, also revealing that Jay Z sends him encouraging texts.
“It was a lack of communication paired with natural competitiveness,” Drake says to explain the misconception of bad blood. “When something monumental is happening in front of me [like West and Jay Z’s Watch the Throne album] and everyone’s paying attention to that, you gotta say, ‘I’m still here.’ But those two are gods to me.”
He still feels free to offer criticism of West when he feels it’s valid.
Referring to the Yeezus album, Drake says, ”There were some real questionable bars on there. Like that ‘Swaghili’ line? Come on, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some sh*t like that.”
That said, “Kanye’s the reason I’m here. I love everything about that guy.”

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