Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” Remix Featuring Kanye West Shows Singer Dressed as a Cowgirl


Just when you thought Beyonce ‘s “Drunk in Love” couldn’t get any raunchier, the pop diva got a little help from Yeezus himself, Kanye West . In the hit song’s new remix, the “Bound 2” rapper adds a explicit new intro to the “Partition” crooner’s new hit single.
Bey, 32, posted a 38-second teaser clip for the remix featuring her dressed as a cowgirl in fringe-covered chaps, a white cutout top, and a cowboy hat while whipping a lasso around her head.
The full-length song is six minutes and 43 seconds and includes Jay Z ‘s original rap toward the end. But even as he spits verses about Bey’s “breastises in my breakfast,” his lyrics seem tame in comparison to those of Kim Kardashian ‘s fiance.


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