E! Online Deletes Mean-Spirited Ellen Page Post Saying She Looks “Homeless” and Dresses Like “Massive Man”


In her coming out speech on Friday, Ellen Page mentioned the difficulty of trying to be herself when Hollywood places “crushing standards” of beauty and lifestyle on everyone, trying to tell both celebrities and the public “how you have to act, how you have to dress, and who you have to be.” The actress referred to one gossip site that recently ran a picture of her wearing sweatpants on the way to the gym, with the writer sniping that Page looked “homeless” and wondering, “Why does the petite beauty insist upon dressing like a massive man?”
Well, E! Online is the site that said that about Page, and the embarrassed outlet just erased the insulting post.
Huffington Post contributor Kia Makarechi noted the removal on Saturday, using a screenshot of a cached version of the since-deleted story ( see above ).
It would have been nice if the site never felt the need to attack Page in the first place.
The E! Online story about Page coming out conveniently leaves out her reference to the outlet’s mean-spirited comments about her.


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