Actress Shailene Woodley Covers June 2014 Issue of InStyle


Actress Shailene Woodley covers the June 2014 issue of inStyle in a floral bouqet Dolce & Gabbana dress. In the interview, Shailene talks about her role as Hazel, a teenager with cancer in The Fault in Our Stars. The film arrives in theaters on June 6, 2014. You can view the trailer here .
Shailene also talks about losing weight and how she feels about her generation.
On What She Learned From Her Role in The Fault In Our Stars : “It changed my whole life and put things in perspective.”

On Her Weight Loss : “I’m in a place where I feel healthier than I’ve ever been, and my body is exactly where it wants to be. I feel like I’m a woman. My boobs shrank. No one tells you that when you lose weight. No bra, no problem.”

On Her Generation Being Irresponsible: “I think we’re on top of things actually. Maybe I feel this way because I surround myself with like-minded people. Doing the right thing always makes you feel good. And it’s contagious.”
The June 2014 issue of InStyle arrives on newsstands on May 16.

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