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Kelly Osbourne Gets Tattoo Of Bee To Honor Joan Rivers


Kelly Osbourne honored her late “Fashion Police” co-host and friend Joan Rivers by getting a white tattoo of a bee on Thursday night. She posted a couple of photos on Instagram from the famous Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in Los Angeles as she got inked.
Obsourne captioned a photo of the completed tattoo, “In honor of you @joanrivers…’If you looked at aerodynamics, at science, the bumble bee should not be able to fly. Physically, it was just not anatomically equipped to soar. Yet it did, defying gravity, defying logic. The bee was a creature that defied and beat the odds, a miracle.’ Thank you for being my Miracle@joanrivers.”

Usher: I’m “Not Happy” With All Of Justin Bieber’s Choices, Will “Punch Him”


Usher and Justin Bieber ’s friendship may be unconditional, but the Grammy winner admits in a new interview that he hasn’t approved lately of all of his protégé’s decisions. Usher tells Billboard, “I can say I’m not happy with all the choices my friend has made.”
Usher and Bieber’s relationship dates back to 2007, when Scooter Braun brought a then-unknown Biebs to perform for him. They’ve worked together closely over the years, with Usher serving as Bieber’s mentor as the teen’s career exploded and, some may say, imploded, thanks to some legal issues.
Usher now tells the magazine, “Our relationship is more man-to-man now. He’s making his own decisions and it’s important to show support. I can say I’m not happy with all the choices my friend has made, but I’m supportive of him.”
“I try my hardest to give as much positive reinforcement as I can. I’ll punch him in the f*cking chest when I need to, and give him a hug and kiss when I need to,” says Usher. “It’s more than just mentoring. I love the kid.”