Nicki Minaj Under Fire For Alleged Nazi Imagery In “Only” Lyric Video


Nicki Minaj is under fire for allegedly using Nazi imagery in her new lyric video for “Only.” As i reported, the newly-released track features the star, Drake , and Lil Wayne rapping about whether or not they “f*cked.” While the lyrics have raised eyebrows for their sexual content, its the lyric video that’s now causing a bigger controversy.
The black-and-white video is reminiscent of propaganda films from World War II. Minaj appears in a cartoon form, as a dictator whose soldiers wear red armbands that are drawing comparisons to those the Nazis wore.
Flags with an overlapping Y-M symbol (representing label Young Money) are being compared to swastikas. Chris Brown , who sings the hook, appears animated in a soldier uniform as explosions go off. A cartoon Drake portrays a priest, while Wayne is animated as a suited businessman, with warfare and gas masks shown.

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