Taylor Swift: No One’s Had My Career


Taylor Swift talks to Time about abandoning Spotify, having no real peers and dealing with absurd levels of scrutiny as the singer’s blockbuster album 1989 cements her status as the biggest force in music.
In terms of her much-debated decision to leave the streaming service, Swift says, “I tried it and I didn’t like the way it felt. I think there should be an inherent value placed on art. I didn’t see that happening, perception-wise, when I put my music on Spotify.”
She continues, “Everybody’s complaining about how music sales are shrinking, but nobody’s changing the way they’re doing things. They keep running towards streaming, which is, for the most part, what has been shrinking the numbers of paid album sales.” Swift later declares, “I think that people should feel that there is a value to what musicians have created, and that’s that.”

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