Miley Cyrus Wants to Be North West—What Else Could Possibly Explain These Memes?!


Miley Cyrus is over just being Miley, y’all—she wants to be North West !
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are trying hard to give Nori a sibling , but at 22 years old, Miley might be a little too old.
Why, though, do we think the former Disney darling wants to be Kimye’s first-born? Look at all the memes she’s been posting!
Thanks to some rather obvious digital edits, Miley’s been a member of the West family for a while now. She Photoshops pictures of her younger self onto Nori’s body on the reg—like, for example, this shot , where baby Miley is getting a piggyback ride from smiling ‘Ye! She captioned the comical pic, simply, “DaDa”!


Miley cropped herself in to another pic with her honorary mom and dad, captioning this one, “Family.”

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