Harry Styles Hangs With Chelsea Handler, Shows Off Thigh Tattoo (PHOTO)


On Saturday, Chelsea Handler posted an Instagram picture that has One Direction fans buzzing. The photo shows Handler posing, butt to the camera, next to a smiling and shrugging Harry Styles . Handler’s swimsuit bottom has “Harry” scrawled across it. And Styles seems to be sporting a previously unknown tattoo on his upper thigh. “Just sitting here watching James cordon (sic) giggle,” wrote Handler, although “The Late Late Show” host Corden is not seen in the shot.
The image has gone viral, with fans puzzling over Styles’ friendship with Handler and what appears to be a large tattoo on his leg. The pop star has plenty of ink already, of course, but Directioners had not seen the latest body art on his thigh. Meanwhile, a number of Styles’ admirers who did not recognize Handler as being the woman in the shot expressed confusion and dismay about the “mystery” blonde at Styles’ side. Other fans helpfully pointed them to Handler’s Instagram account to see the picture’s origins.

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