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#RoyalBaby FIRST PICTURE – PHOTO of Kate Middleton and Prince William Son

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s newborn son made his first public appearance on Tuesday.
The potential future King of England emerged from the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital in London a little more than 24 hours after his birth.

An enormous crowd of well wishers and media had
gathered after waiting for days for Middleton’s labor and eventual delivery.
Earlier on Tuesday, the couple thanked St. Mary’s for the “tremendous care” they’d received.

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Kate Middleton gives birth to a Royal Baby Boy!

This just in … after a pregnancy that felt like forever, Kate Middleton (aka Duchess of Cambridge) finally gave birth and it’s a baby boy! Little does this baby know that he’s third in line to be the future King of England, congrats to both Kate and Prince William! Now that the royal baby is finally here, I wonder how long before we’ll see pictures of the little guy or find out his name?

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A Critical Look at Tecno Phantom A – Is it Worth the Hype?

The Tecno Phantom A is a beautifully designed
Smartphone running the latest android OS called the android Jelly Beans. The phantom runs on android 4.1.1 and it’s upgradable to 4.2.2 after rooting the device. This Smartphone has great feature that can take on any Smartphone in its league at anytime.


Android 4.1.1 means that the phantom is fluid, has a great response time, it’s upgradable and you can install a lot more games and app such as Google play, Gmail, Google maps, Gtalk etc and you would have no compatibility issues.


The phone also comes with a 4 gigabyte ROM and a 1 gigabyte RAM. This implies that the phantom A can have a lot of apps and games running on it with virtually no lags. The ROM and RAM size suggests that the phone runs smoothly, response immediately to your touch and has great response time. However, Tecno could have increased the ROM size to at least 8 gigabyte, since most Smartphones in the league of Tecno Phantom A have at least 16 gigabyte ROM. Notwithstanding, a 4 gig ROM for the price of this device is an added bonus.


The camera of the Phantom A is undeniably one great feature that makes this masterpiece a must have. 8mp means high quality pictures worth sharing to the world.
Share your pictures taken with the Phantom A and
you’re sure to get great remarks due to the exceptional quality of the camera. With Tecno Phantom A, your Instagram experience just got fun! The camera has an auto focus functionality; which means that it adjusts itself to take the best picture in any given situation. With face recognition function, the device will never forget that beautiful smile.

The front camera of 1.2 mp also takes really great
pictures and makes video call and conferencing an
absolute delight. Feel free to Tango, Vibe, Nimbuzz
and Skype on this revolutionary device. You are
literally face to face with whoever you are video
chatting with your phantom A’s exceptional camera.


With the 5” HD screen, movie watching and video
gaming just redefined fun. Phantom A comes with pre-installed asphalt 6. The dual core processor coupled with the ROM size of the device only means that you get the best graphical gaming experience. Streaming HD videos on Phantom A is an awesome experience; it’s just exceptional with its picture and sound quality.


Another great feature of this device is its media sharing app called flash share which doesn’t require you to have a SIM in the phone, Bluetooth or internet connectivity for it to work, just another device with the flash share app and you can transfer any media file be it music, picture or videos at lightning speed. It’s a fast, easy, simple and convenient way to share your digital stuff.

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