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Here’s how to start using BBM for iPhone and Android without waiting


BlackBerry’s BBM for Android and BBM for iPhone apps are finally here! Well, sort of. BlackBerry finally released the highly anticipated messaging apps on Monday, bringing an end to the painful saga that was the buildup leading to BBM’s cross-platform debut . But as one wait came to an end, another began. Despite the delays, BlackBerry apparently couldn’t find a way to ready its servers for the rush of BBM activations it correctly anticipated would occur following the new app’s launch on Android and iOS. As such, the company created a queue system for BBM where users download the app, register their emails and then wait in line for their accounts to be activated.
BlackBerry appears to be doing a pretty good job of tearing through those activations , but if you happen to be one of the people still waiting to use BBM, there’s an easy workaround that lets you begin using the service right away. CNET has the details, but it’s essentially as easy as entering your email address, force-closing the app and then relaunching it. Then, you should be able to create an account and start using the service immediately.