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Demi Lovato Surprises Superfan; He Loses It, Then Gushes, “You Are the Strongest Person I Know”


Thanks to the Kyle and Jackie O Show , an Aussie superfan named Nathan got the chance to meet his idol. This Lovatic thought he was recording a video message about the “Really Don’t Care” singer that she would see at a later time, but he was in for the shock of a lifetime when Demi herself appeared out of nowhether!
Let’s backtrack a sec, though, Lovatics, to appreciate Nathan’s true fandom for Demi! “I am a better person for being a fan of her,” he said (pre-surprise) to Kyle and Jackie O. “She has just changed my life for the better. She’s all about owning your insecurities, loving yourself and just being who you are.”

Demi Lovato: Why I Unfollowed Selena Gomez


Why did Demi Lovato unfollow Selena Gomez on Twitter?
Andy Cohen asked Lovato on Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live!”
After initially trying to “plead the fifth” (but she couldn’t, since she’d already burned her pass on a question about scandalous Disney Channel behavior), the performer gave a very interesting response.

Demi Lovato Flashes Under Boob in Sexy Sheer Dress, Calls Out Paparazzi “Bullies” in Twitter Rant


Lookin’ good, Demi Lovato!
The 21-year-old “Neon Lights” singer hit the red carpet at Logo’s Trailblazers event in NYC last night wearing a super-sexy dress that showed off lots of cleavage.
The former X Factor star was all smiles while posing for pics in the sheer ensemble, which featured peekaboo panels that showed off her chest and under boob. In addition to the plunging V-panel and cutouts, the skin-tight skirt definitely flattered Lovato’s curves and hot body.
Lovato accented her black dress with bright pink lipstick, a golden tan and colorful purple highlights in her hair.

Demi Lovato Covers August 2014 Issue of Seventeen


Demi Lovato covers the August 2014 issue of Seventeen magazine. She has purple highlights in her hair and she’s wearing a cute Levi’s jean jacket that has her name sewn into the collar. Demi is the guest editor for the issue.
In the Seventeen interview, Demi gives advice on how to bounce back from a setback and the types of friends every girl needs. She also talks about learning to think first before tweeting or blogging, which is great advice that many bloggers and Twitter users should follow.

On How to Bounce Back After a Setback : “If things go wrong the first week of school it’s not the end of the world. I know it may seem like that, but it’s really not. There are going to be times where you will have bad days, bad weeks and even sometimes bad months – but rainbows always come after the darkest storm.”

On The Types of Friends Every Girl Needs : “I like to have friends in my life who believe they’re going places and are working toward their dreams. When you’re growing and the people around you aren’t, that’s when you have to start shedding them. I’ve done that a lot over the past few years, but it has been so worth it, because the people in my life today inspire me to keep being creative, to have fun, and to be a good person.”

On Thinking Before Tweeting : “I’m impulsive when it comes to fighting back, but I’ve learned to reel it in. Tweeting without thinking does more harm than good. So take a second. Journal what you want to say, and then if you still feel the same later, that’s when you can tweet it.

Lady Gaga Responds to Demi Lovato: Vomit Was NOT About Eating Disorders


Lady Gaga is responding to Demi Lovato charge that her recent SXSW vomit stunt is guilty of “glamorizing eating disorders.”
In an E! interview, Gaga shot down the criticism.
“I have struggled with an eating disorder for over 10 years, and I take that very seriously,” she said. “I take the struggle of others very seriously.”
The pop star continued, “I am very supportive of Demi’s struggle and her recovery, as well as the recovery of anyone who is suffering from that.”
“But this performance had absolutely nothing to do with any eating disorder, and we never intended for it to be taken that way,” asserts Gaga.
She had more to say on the matter — and on her love life.

Demi Lovato Tries to Impersonate Avril Lavigne


Does Demi Lovato realize she’s over a decade late to Avril Lavigne’s fashion game? Prepare to be sad, but the Canadian punk rocker released her Sk8er love anthem in 2002, twelve whole years ago .
That’s both too quick for a full what’s old-is-new fashion cycle and too long for a celeb copy, especially one in the exact same pop star game.
Yes, the “Heart Attack” singer has been rocking ripped jeans for years now, but the plaid and white look is the “Let Me Go” crooner’s signature style.
What’s crazy about this style situation is that Avril has been dressing more and more like a pop princess lately—only a streak of pink hair, chic black-and-white combos, and Zooey Deschanel glasses?! Maybe married life made her trade in the ripped clothes and ratty hair for a more refined look? Or could it be that she bequeathed her punk royalty status to the new kid in town? Either way, it doesn’t matter because both young guns stole from the original daring dresser , Madonna …which is fine because she’s now dressing like Michael Jackson ! Apparently all is fair in music and fashion.

Demi Lovato Dyes Her Hair Hot Pink, Grabs Dinner With Selena Gomez After Justin Bieber Arrest


Demi Lovato has a brand new ‘do in a brand new hue!
After dying her hair blue in 2013, the “Made in the USA” singer got a major makeover and debuted a hot pink shade during dinner with Selena Gomez at Craig’s in West Hollywood on Thursday, Jan. 23.
The childhood BFFs dressed casually for their girls’ night out at the celebrity-friendly restaurant.
Lovato, 21, also shared two selfies of her vibrant look via Twitter and wrote, “#NEONLIGHTSTOUR.”
Less than 24 hours earlier, Gomez’s ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber was arrested for driving under the influence in Miami. Neither Gomez nor Lovato has commented on the 19-year-old’s bad boy behavior.
In the March 2014 issue of Seventeen , the “Come & Get It” singer discusses the evolution of her friendship with Lovato, whom she’s known since age 7.
“Demi’s very, very strong,” Gomez says of the former X Factor mentor, who entered rehab in 2010. “She’s the only person that I would tell the deepest, darkest secrets to. The only person.”
No doubt Gomez and Lovato have plenty to say about Bieber—even if they’re keeping it to themselves.

Demi Lovato Hits Back at “Mean” Fans After People’s Choice Awards Absence


Demi Lovato hit back at fans who slammed her for not attending the 2014 People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night.
The “Heart Attack” singer tweeted, “Damn… Just hopped online to check twitter and some ‘fans’ are being really mean :(” Lovato explained, “I’m not at the PCA’s because as I have stated before, I’m taking as much time off this month as possible.”
“I haven’t taken a substantial amount of time off in a long time and now I am. Thank you for those who voted and understand why I am away,” she added.
The former “X Factor” judge went on to distinguish between the “fans” who “say they support me, then they hate on me, my personal life and my loved ones,” and her Lovatics, who “are the BEST fans an artist could ever ask for.”
After she won Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Music Fan Following , the pop star thanked her “Lovatics” for being true fans who have her back no matter what.

Demi Lovato supposedly “spearheaded” Selena Gomez’s reunion with Justin Bieber


Justin posted a picture of Selena hugging his neck on Instagram last week, just one day after a photograph surfaced which appeared to show the former lovebirds riding Segways together near his California home.
It’s now claimed Demi, 21, initiated Selena’s rekindled relationship with Justin.
“This was spearheaded not only over [Selena’s alleged] lupus situation but the more she has been talking to Demi Lovato who is on her own break really made Selena take a look at her life and realise what is important and that is to enjoy some normalness while she is young,” a source told Hollywoodlife.com about Selena, who split from 19-year-old Justin in December 2012.
Reports surfaced the brunette singer is suffering from autoimmune disease lupus and it’s thought her ex-boyfriend could be helping her through a tough time.
Selena, 21, recently cancelled dates on her Stars Dance Tour, claiming she needed to spend some time on herself.
“There is zero time table to return to concerts or movies,” the insider detailed.
“She is enjoying her time away from work and spending it with her family and Justin.”
The pop star pair had been dating on and off since 2010, but went their separate ways after it was claimed Justin flirted with models at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.