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Rob Kardashian calls Kim a ‘bitch’ in Instagram photo


There might be trouble in paradise.
Rob Kardashian posted this on instagram lol, lets hope he was hacked.

Khloe Kardashian: Brother Rob Has Developed “Social Anxiety”


Khloe Kardashian opened up about her brother Rob and his ongoing struggles while hosting a party at 1OAK in Las Vegas on Friday. Over the past year or so, Rob has largely taken himself out of the public eye, fleeing his sister Kim’s wedding last spring and dealing with issues including his weight and relentless tabloid scrutiny. His big sister has concerns.
“I just feel, especially over the last year, Rob has become very introverted and has a kind of social anxiety,” she told Wonderwall. “He’s definitely not at his happiest place that he once was, and I know he can get to that happy place and he will.” She said of the rut in which Rob seems to find himself, “We all kind of get to a place where you don’t know where to go in life or whatever, so I think it’s important for him to know that he always has people to lean on and it’s not unnatural for people to not know even where to begin. It’s a growing process. I will always be his No. 1 supporter.”

Kim Kardashian is reportedly still angry with Rita Ora following her breakup with Rob Kardashian


The British singer split from Rob in December 2012 following a brief relationship that lasted only a matter of months.
Following the split Rob took to Twitter to accuse 23-year-old Rita of cheating on him with ’20 dudes’.
And it seems Rob’s big sister Kim is still angry with the way her brother was treated.
‘Kim’s furious about how Rita treated Rob. It’s a tricky situation because Jay Z discovered Rita and she’s firmly entrenched in [Kim’s fiance] Kanye West’s musical circle, but Kim hates seeing her brother upset.
‘She doesn’t think he’s been the same since the split and she blames Rita,’ a source close to Kim told Britain’s Now magazine.
Rob has piled on weight over the last 12 months, gaining nearly 56lbs. since the split.
And Kim reportedly thinks his love-life problems have contributed to the problem.
‘She sees Rob has been sad and is convinced that’s why he gained so much weight,’ the source added.
Kim’s representative denies any hard feelings on Kim’s side, but friends say differently.
It came as a blow to the Kardashian clan when Rita slammed her relationship with Rob as just a fling, rather than a serious romance. ‘I never thought it was actually a relationship, in all honesty,” Rita previously told Australia’s Sunday Telegraph Style magazine.
“I never mentally defined it as boyfriend, girlfriend. When I split up with him, I said, ‘It’s because I’m never there, I don’t know how to do it.’ That’s all I said, then… the rest happened. He obviously felt that creating myths was the way forward.”