Brody Jenner Curses At Photographer For Asking “F*cking Stupid” Questions About Kim Kardashian


Brody Jenner flipped out at a paparazzi photographer in Australia, after being asked about stepsister Kim Kardashian. At one point, Jenner was so angry that he came close to physically attacking an unidentified paparazzo.
Jenner was walking through the Sydney airport surrounded by fans, and he said that he wasn’t used to being greeted, quipping, “Maybe if I was Kim Kardashian or some sh*t I’d be used to it. But I’m just Brody Jenner.” Even though Jenner was the first to bring up his infinitely more famous sibling, moments later he went off when the photog apparently asked what Kardashian thinks of Australia.
“Let me tell you something,” Jenner replied angrily. “You ask me some f*cking stupid questions like that, I’m not gonna to answer them. You understand that? You’re asking me if Kim was here — you can ask her that same f*cking question. You understand that?” Jenner continued, “Do you have anything else for me? That’s it? You’re going to ask me about my f*cking sister?” At that point, Jenner’s associate stepped in and told the paparazzo to put down the camera. But the former “Hills” star remained tense as other photographers followed him through baggage claim.


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